Huskers Radio Network Broadcast Formats

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Formats Subject To Change

Sports Nightly Format (New TWO HOUR SHOW Format Effective 6/28/2021)

Volleyball Format (no change from Spring VB)

Football Format (Format shortened from 12-1/2 to approx 11 hours!)

  • The Opening Drive show has been deleted, football broadcast day now starts approx four (instead of five) hours prior to kickoff
  • Note the position of local breaks has changed slightly within play by play to allow affiliates breaks earlier
  • Big Red Reaction has been reduced to an approximately one hour show, with corresponding significant reductions in network and local inventory
  • Exact end time of the broadcast day will depend on how long the actual game takes. We will plan on an approximately 11 hour day...however could be longer depending on game action length and postgame press conference timing.

    Spanish Football Format

    TV Show Schedule (Last updated 7/21/2021)