Husker Sports Network

Satellite Backup System

In case of failure of our satellite distribution system, the Husker Sports Network has an emergency backup conference bridge distribution system.  This system is only activated during predicted solar outages, or in emergencies where we lose satellite distribution capability.

The only cost to affiliates is the long distance call you place to the system (you will pay your normal long distance call per minute charge).  You will not otherwise be billed for this service.

For security reasons, we do not post this information on our affiliate website.  We have emailed the information to all affiliates.  If you do not have it, call our Broadcast Operations Center hotline at 402.742.8680 and we will provide you with the information.  Or email and we'll email the info to you.

Some affiliates have used the Internet stream on as a backup feed.  This is not a supported or recommended backup audio source as we have no control over this system.  As with any Internet stream, you can suffer from dropouts or complete loss of the stream at any moment.